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Blog Design Services

Custom WordPress Blog Design Services

Blogging has become mainstream and it’s here to stay. Having your own blog can benefit you in many ways. Google loves blogs and the marketing benefits are phenomenal. It’s an extremely effective marketing method. But you have to do it right. It starts with the right blog design.

Your blog design must do more than simply look good… it must also be user friendly for both you and your customers. This is essential to your blog design success.

I take a lot of personal pride in my ability to provide my custom WordPress blog design clients with eye-catching designs that not only look good, but also allow you to effectively spread your marketing message.

I believe that creating an attractive blog design is just the beginning. The design must be both functional as well as visually appealing. It must be easy to navigate (for your blog visitors benefit), and easy to use and update (for your benefit).

My focus is always to provide clients with beautiful eye-catching blog designs that look great and create a unique and pleasing experience your visitors will remember.

I also bring much more to the blog design table than your average blog designer does. I don’t just design WordPress blogs for a living. I’m a successful entrepreneur, Internet marketer, business strategist and mentor. I am uniquely qualified through these combined endeavors and over 30 years of sales experience to deliver a fresh perspective to not only understand your blog design needs but also how to implement them in the most efficient, effective and productive manner.

Here’s what you usually get from the average blog designer…

1. They install WordPress on your server.
2. They install a blog theme.
3. They may install a few plugins based on your needs.
4. They charge you a lot of money.

That’s basically what you get.

Here’s what you get when you hire me for custom WordPress blog design services…

First I will meet with you to get a very clear understanding of exactly what you need in a blog. I’ll cover the various elements that go in to effective blog design such as theme, layout, custom graphics, navigational menu, monetization, plugins, SEO, social media, list building etc.

Once I’ve got a complete understanding of what you’re looking for, next I’ll get to work and start building your custom blog! I always try to make it as painless for the client as possible.  I realize that not everyone has a full understanding of the technical side of hosting and maintaining a blog. I’ll explain it to you in easy to understand terms so you will not find it intimidating. As long as you make yourself available to me should I have a a question or need design approval etc. I’ll take care of the rest. You can sit back and leave it all in my capable hands.

You will obviously need a domain name and a web host to host your blog. Don’t worry, I will help you pick out a great domain name and recommend a reliable host if you need it.

The first thing we will need to do is decide what kind of blog theme you want to use. There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from. There are many free themes that provide lots of design options and functionality. In most cases a free theme will work just fine. However if you prefer, there are also tons of premium themes you can purchase as well. I can install any WordPress theme you want.

There are literally tens of thousands of WordPress plugins to choose from to make your blog come to life. Plugins do a variety of functions from behind the scenes. If you have special needs for plugins I will research and try my best to locate the plugin(s) that you need.

I’ve got a personal list of over 30 plugins that I will install and tweak for best performance on your blog as part of my standard blog design package.

This is a really big deal as I have personally invested hundreds of hours in research to determine which plugins are the most effective and provide the best performance.

Here’s a quick run down on everything you’ll get…

1. Spam Protection- I will install the best plugin to dramatically reduce the number of spam comments received. This will make it a breeze for you to distinguish good comments you want to keep from spam comments you want to discard. I’ll show you how to automate this process with a click of your mouse!

2. Search Engine Optimization- I will optimize your blog to ensure it is easily spidered and indexed by Google as well as the other top search engines. This will help you get the coveted search engine traffic!

3. Audio - I will install the best plugin I’ve found to make adding mp3 audio to your blog fast, painless and easily. You’ll be able to include audio on pages and in posts without hassle.

4. Blog Protection- I will install a plugin to protect your blog against bandits who wish to steal your creative work.

5. Corner Monetization- I will install a plugin to make it super easy for you to place an advertisement in any or all corners of your blog. This will make it very easy for you to draw your visitors attention to whatever you want!

6. Ping Optimization- I will install a plugin to automate ping notifications to increase SEO while protecting you from being tagged a ping spammer. This will allow you to maximize your SEO without any associated risks.

7. Comment Encouragement- I will install a plugin that will encourage visitors to leave comments. This will drive more traffic to your blog and also encourage more blog engagement and frequent return visits. You will need a account with this service. It is free and I will set it up for you.

8. Comment Appreciation- I will install a plugin that automatically sends first time commenters to a custom page of your choice to thank them for leaving comments. This is a personal touch that can really make a big difference. I will create the custom page for you. It can also be further customized to your liking.

9. Comment Email- I will install a plugin that will automatically send a personal thank you email to everyone who leaves a comment on your blog. You will be able to customize this message anytime you want. This is a great way to get more traffic to your blog or other sites you have.

10. Side Browser Ads- I will install a plugin that will allow you to place any custom graphic you want in the space from the browser edge to where your content appears. The image may be a watermark, logo, linked etc. You will have total control of it.

11. DoFollowI will install a plugin that will remove the NoFollow attribute making your blog MUCHmore attractive to people who want to leave a comment in order to get a backlink. This will encourage more blog engagement.

12. Post Abbreviation- I will install a plugin that will abbreviate each post so that you can display multiple posts on a page and still retain a nice over all blog appearance. This plugin will give your readers more post choices and make finding posts of interest much faster and easier.

13. SEO Traffic - I will install a plugin that will automatically drive traffic to your blog based on the title, description and keywords you enter when you write a post. This plugin will make entering this information fast, easy and convenient.

14. Translation- I will install a plugin that will allow your blog to instantly be translated into 48 languages! This will extend your reach in a really BIG way all with the simple click of your visitors mouse.

15. Google Analytics- I will install a plugin that will enable you to see at a glance to analyze your blog traffic. I will set up a free Google Analytics account for you if you don’t already have one.

16. Sitemap- I will install a plugin that will create and maintain a proper XML sitemap automatically. The search engines love this and you won’t have to lift a finger to get the awesome benefit!

17. Anti Bot Spam Check- I will install a plugin that will add a simple verification box people can quickly check to confirm they are human and not a bot trying to automatically leave unrelated comments on your blog. This will save you tons of time.

18. Keyword Encouragemant- I will install a plugin that will encourage people to leave comments by allowing them to enter their desired keyword along with their name in your comment form. This encourages more people to leave comments and more traffic to your blog.

19. Links Importer- I will install a plugin that will make it one click simple to import links from another blog or XML file if you need to. These links can appear in your blog sidebar.

20. Database Optimization- I will install a plugin that will make it one click simple to optimize your WordPress database. This will enable your blog to run cleanly and smoothly thus boosting speed and performance.

21. Popups- I will install a plugin that will make it super easy for you to add popups that appear on certain pages, certain posts or everywhere. This plugin is inexpensive and comes jam-packed with lots of creative control. You can make the popups slide in and out from the top, bottom, left, right etc. You can do all sorts of super cool stuff! You will have two choices of which popup plugin you want. Both have low nominal fees but are very much worth it. I suggest you have one popup that pops up once within 30 seconds of your blog loading and then another one that pops up after a few minutes. This ensures you get more people opting in to your list and grows your list at a much faster rate.

22. Post Info- I will install a plugin that will give you full control of what text, banner, video (anything you want to add via HTML) to the bottom of each post and or page. This makes it super easy to monetize your blog with banners, affiliate links etc.

23. Search Spy- I will install a plugin that will allow you to see what your blog visitors are typing in to the search box to see what they are searching for! This will give you great insight in to the interest of your blog visitors.

24. Quick Cache- I will install a plugin that will improve the speed and performance of your blog. Your pages and posts will load faster and greatly improve your visitors viewing experience.

25. Social Media Bookmarks- I will install a plugin that will make it one click simple for your blog visitors to share your pages and posts with people in their social network. Over 85 of the most popular social networks are included!

26. Comment Subscription- I will install a plugin that will make it one click easy for people to subscribe to comments so they will receive an automated email notification when posts receive additional comments. This great encourages people to return to your blog over and over.

27. Top Commenters- I will install a plugin that will allow you to automatically display a list of the top commenters according to preferences you choose such as most comments per day, week, month, year, of all time etc. This will encourage more people to leave comments to get backlinks!

28. Your Latest Tweets- I will install a plugin that will display your latest tweets. It can be easily customized to show as few or as many tweets as you wish.

29. Twitter Followers- I will install a plugin that will display the number of  Twitter followers you have.

30. Twitter Comment- I will install a plugin that will allow those who leave a comment on your blog to also enter their Twitter name. This encourages more people to leave comments!

31. Database Backup- I will install a plugin that will automatically backup your blog and email you a daily, weekly, monthly update. It can also install the update to your server. This will give you peace of mind in the event of a server crash. Your blog is protected from loss.

32. Related Posts- I will install a plugin that will display posts that are related to other posts based on categories and tags. This will generate more interest in your blog content and encourage people to read more of your blog.

33. Sticky Top- I will install a plugin that will make it a breeze to make any post you want stick to the top of your blog while other posts fall below it. This is handy if you want to run a special, promotion or whatever you like and have it always visible at the top.

34. # of Tweets- I will install a plugin that will make it one click easy for people to tweet about a post on your blog. The total number of times the post has been tweeted will also be automatically displayed.

These plugins will give you ultimate control over your blog SEO, monetization, and much more. Your blog will be powerful, engaging and yet simple for you to operate.

You can’t find a better custom WordPress blog design offer…

I could stop right here and the value to you would certainly be really high. But, in my quest to make sure that I over deliver and give every custom WordPress blog design client their money’s worth, I also include the following in my basic blog design package.

In addition to installing and tweaking all of the plugins, I will also do the following:

35. Custom Header Image – I will create a custom header image which reflects your brand, product, service etc. This ties your blog together and creates a visual presence that is very important. It conveys what your blog is about. I give extra special attention to the header design to make sure it represents you well.

36. Adsense- I will install your Google AdSense code on your blog to attract the Google sipders and also to give you another income stream.

37. Corner Peel Ads – I will design two corner peel ads. The top corners of your blog are prime spots for advertising. Your ads can take people to a page within your blog or to another site such as an affiliate offer. I will create two designs that compel attention and action.

38. Material Connection Disclaimer – You must disclose a material connection if your blog is going to have affiliate links, product or service reviews, or really anything you mention where you could receive a commission. I will include a consumer notice statement on your blog that covers your interests and strives to keep you in compliance.

39. Other Site Links- I will list up to ten other sites in your blogroll and display them in the column on your blog. These links will serve as backlinks to those sites and help your search engine ranking to those sites.

40. Custom Blog Pages – I will create up to ten pages for your blog using the input you provide.

41. Categories – I will create up to 25 blog categories that best represent your chosen niche.

42. Search- I will install search functionality on your blog to allow readers to search your blog for relevant content.

43. Shopping Cart- I will install a PayPal shopping cart on your blog and include up to ten add to cart entries.

44. Custom Audio – I will record up to 30 minutes of custom audio from your provided script(s). This can be added to any post(s) or page(s).

45. Custom Video Slideshow- I will create a custom video sideshow of up to 10 minutes using the input you provide. This video can be used as your blog introduction or on one of your other posts or pages.

46. LIVE Chat / Spy- I will install your code to embed a live chat feature on your blog which will allow your readers to click a button and engage you in a live chat session. You will be able to see everyone who is visiting your blog in real time. You will have the option of spying on them in stealth mode (they do not know you are online and available for live chat) and engaging them in live chat. This feature requires a small purchase to pay for the third party service.

47. Inline Subscription Box- I will create a custom inline subscription box within your Aweber account and add the box to your blog. It will engage your readers and encourage them to opt in to your list.

48. Bottom Footer Subscribe Image – I will create a custom image to go at the bottom of your blog which will engage readers and encourage them to scroll up the page and enter their name and email address in to your subscription box to opt in to your list.

49. Password Protected Page- I will create a password protected page that is only accessible by those who know the secret password. This is a great way to add value to your offers. You can for example give people who opt in to your list and confirm their subscription access to your password protected page. Then the pag could contain links to download bonus content.

50. Popup Designs- I will create up to two custom popup designs for use with either or both of the recommended popup plugins mentioned above. They will engage people to enter their name and email to opt in to your list.

51. Blog Submission – I will hand submit your blog to the top search engines and blog directories. This will ensure your blog is properly indexed within the major search engines and directories.

52. Twitter Blast! – I will personally send 50 tweets across several of my popular Twitter accounts. Each account has over 10,000followers! Each tweet will include a link to your blog, appropriate keywords and hashtags! This can drive lots of traffic to your blog from Twitter and the search engines that will index the tweets.

53. Social Bookmarking – I will hand submit your blog to 15top social bookmarking sites. This will give you backlinks that will improve your blogs search engine ranking.

54. Relevant Backlinks – I will locate 10 other blogs that are within your niche and leave a comment with your keyword(s) / phrase. This will help your search engine ranking.

55. Gzip Compression- I will activate Gzip compression (if your web host supports it) on your blog to greatly speed up load time. Speed is a critical element of every blog visitors experience. This will make a HUGE difference.

56. Browser Compatibility- I will design your blog to meet the latest browser requirements to ensure the best viewing experience for every visitor no matter what browser or monitor resolution they are using.

57. Bonus CDs / DVDs - I will send you these  2 Bonus CDs and 2 Bonus DVDsto help ensure you have the resources you need to drive traffic to your blog, build a big list, and market your blog, yourself, and your business effectively and affordably!

These normally sell for $45. each and with shipping would cost $185. delivered to your door. Go to Dvd Training Video and see for yourself. I want you to have them because I genuinely care about your blog success.

58. Custom Gravatar – I will design a custom Gravatar to represent you and your brand well. This is the image people will see next to the comments you leave on blogs.

59. Admin Walkthrough – I will spend one hour with you going over your new blog!

I will take you behind the scenes to the nerve center of your blog and show you the Dashboard and how to handle administrative things such as approving comments, creating posts, pages, adding audio and video, how to add titles, keywords, and a description to your posts for ultimate SEO, how to tag your posts and how categories work, how to update WordPress and plugins, and more.

I will show you everything you need to know to take hold of the reigns and operate your Worldpress blog properly.

This isn’t something you will ever find with the large majority of blog designers. To them you are just a number. They are more concerned with moving on to the next client and spending as little time on your design job as they can get away with.

60. Coaching Session – I will give you a free 30 minute coaching session where I will cover…

1. How to automate adding new daily content to your blog to quickly attract the search engine spiders.

2. How to automate adding new daily affiliate offers to increase your opportunity for affiliate income.

3. How to create relevant backlinks to boost your blogs pagerank and increase search engine ranking.

4. How to use a free backlink submission tool to submit 10 pages per day to top social bookmarking sites.

5. How to easily drive more traffic to your blog and encourage reader engagement.

6. How to increase the popularity of your blog in just 30 minutes a day.

When you discover my price I guarantee you will be shocked…but in a GOOD way!

So the big question is… ho much? How much do I charge for my basic WordPress blog design package? Well, before I answer that question allow me to ask you one first. How much would you expect to pay for 60 services as I’ve outlined above? How much do you think it would cost to hire a graphics designer, blog designer, Internet marketing consultant, plus find someone who has enjoyed my level of millionaire success?

I wondered that very thing myself so guess what I did? I made a few calls to see what others who offer custom WordPress blog design services charge. On each call I indicated I wanted a custom blog to include the things I’ve outlined above.

Here’s what happened… 

Blog Designer # 1 – $9,735.+
This blog designer operates on a points system which requires you to purchase credits which are then applied toward the services you want. Based on everything I indicated I wanted I was given a quote of $7,895. which only included 20 plugins. I was told it would be $85.  each for any additional plugins installed. I was also told they weren’t familiar with some of the plugins and things I wanted to do and would have to charge me additional fees for researching them. However, the quoted price plus the 14 additional plugins would total $9,085. I was told that if I wanted 10 backlinks it would increase the price by another $650. And here’s the real kicker. I was told those links would be really high quality PR2links. PR2 is one notch above the lowest pagerank there is!

Blog Designer # 2 – $5,400.+
This blog designer operates on a flat base price of $5,400.which includes 10 to 15 pages. I was told the additional plugins, custom graphics, backlinks etc. would cost extra. They would not commit to telling me exactly how much more it would cost. When asked about marketing elements this designer told me they only offer blog design services.

Blog Designer # 3 – $10,000. – $20,000.
This blog designer went on and on about the number of plugins and the amount of customization required and said the base price would start at $10,000. and would most likely be somewhere around $20,000. by the time it was completed. He also indicated it would take one to two months to complete.

Having a Custom WordPress Blog Designed Does NOT Have To Cost Thousands!

Listen, having a custom WordPress blog designed can be affordable and within your reach when you allow me to design it for you. You won’t have to grossly over pay me and I will do a awesome job for you.

I charge a flat rate which is inclusive of everything I’ve outlined on this page. Their are no hidden fees or surprises. My flat custom WordPress blog design fee is only $1,500. That’s it!

So what do you think? I offer first class service at a very affordable price. I guarantee you will not find anyone else who offers this much value for such a low flat price. And with me you never have to worry about sacrificing quality for price. You get BOTH!

I stand ready to accept your custom WordPress blog design challenge and to build a blog you will be very proud of. I urge you to contact me today at 804-897-2274with any questions about your custom WordPress blog design!

Here’s what I look for when approving comments:

1. Good Comments – I’m looking for comments that offer creative insight, add to the conversation, enage readers and inspire them to reply thus keep the conversation going.

2. Relevancy – I’m looking for comments that are relevant to the post. Review the tags links on the right side of the page to locate relevant posts to comment on.

3. Offensive Links – If your comment includes a link to any offensive site it will not be approved.

4. One Liners – If your comment is a short one liner such as “great post”… “good job”… “thanks for sharing” etc. I most likley will not approve it.

If I’m going to give you a permanent back link I believe you outta at least take a minute or two and leave a good comment in return.

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